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Fishing Holidays Denmark

Denmark with its 7300 km long coastline and unaltered natural beauty is considered as one of the most popular fishing destinations in Europe. The Denmark fishing holidays can be a real fun with its finest fishing waters. You have options like fresh water fishing, salt water fishing and also fishing in put & take lakes during your Denmark fishing holidays. The fishing in Denmark can be done only if you have valid license. The children below 18 years and citizens above 65 years don’t require license.

Denmark Fishing Holiday Destinations

Denmark is quite small and has area of 43,000 square kilometres. Yet with a very long coastline, Denmark makes an ideal choice for fishing. The Denmark fishing holidays can be made adventurous with sea trout fishing. This place is famous for the best category Atlantic cod fishing. You will also get best avenues for freshwater fishing during Denmark fishing holidays. There are various species like salmon, brown trout, grayling, rainbow trout and sea trout available in the freshwaters. The fishing holidays in Denmark must be initiated with a procurement of fishing card. The fishing card to the tourists to Denmark fishing holidays can be availed for one day at DKK 50 to DKK 150. If you are looking for a fishing card for Denmark fishing holidays with one-week validity, then it will cost you DKK 100 to DKK 350. The cards can be purchased from the local tourist office or post office for the fishing holidays in Denmark.

The Denmark fishing holidays must be planned to the rivers like Varde, Storaen, Snerum, Skjern, Ribe and Kongeaen for salmon fishing. The Danish rivers can also be visited for sea trout fishing during Denmark fishing holidays. The rivers like Koldinga, Gelsa, Karupa, Kongeaen, Veglea and Ribea are ideal for sea trouts fishing. The sea trout weighing 14.6 kg was catched from Karupa River and remained world record for years. You can also visit these rivers to fish for brown trouts at the time of fishing holidays Denmark. All these rivers also have good population of perch, pike, whitefish, eels and many such species. There are many put and take lakes in Denmark that can be visited during Denmark fishing holidays. These put and take lakes are stocked with rainbow trouts that weigh from 1 kg to 10 kg. You will also enjoy fishing brook trout, hybrid trout, salmon and brown trout over here. The fishing holidays in Denmark can be enjoyed more by renting a boat that will also include the fishing rights. The fishing in boat would be very adventurous and exciting.

The saltwater fishing is the main source of fishing in Denmark due to a very long coastline. The Denmark fishing holidays can be made a real fun by availing a package from local tourist office. The sea fishing in Denmark has many rules to be followed. There are regulations for minimum and maximum fish size that can be fished and the time of fishing. The care should be taken while fishing and if by mistake the wrong fish is caught then it should be immediately sent back to the sea in live condition. The authorities would not accept the excuses for illegal fishing. The sea fishing tours can be arranged to Elsinore, Copenhagen, Frederikshavn and Korsor. You can also visit other harbours for added fun for Denmark fishing holidays.

The Denmark fishing holidays can also be planned for offshore fishing. The area that starts from the west coast up to Vejle Fjord and extends to Danish-German border is the excellent stretch for offshore fishing in Denmark fishing holidays. This area has the good stock of flatfish, cod, sea trout, mackerel, herring, eels and mullet. The South Jutland area will give you the opportunity to fish in the sea, fish at the beaches, fishing from boat, put and take fisheries and fishing from streams for wonderful fishing holidays in Denmark. The boats are available here to take you for fishing. If you have a very large group then you can charter your own boat for entire group. You will also find put and take lakes in this area. These lakes are the perfect choice for fishing holidays Denmark, as you will always find fish here. These lakes have all facilities like toilets, benches and also tables to clean fish. Some of these lakes may also have playgrounds and special lakes for kids. The Denmark fishing holidays are ideal fishing gateways for whole family including kids and adults.

Best Time for Denmark fishing holidays

The Denmark fishing holidays can be planned anytime of the year. If you are planning to go for trout fishing in rivers during your Denmark fishing holidays, then April to November is the correct time. The sexually immature sea trouts weighing between 0.5 kg to 1.5 kg can be found in these rivers from January to April. The Denmark fishing holidays can be planned throughout the year for sea fishing tours to Korsor, Copenhagen, Elsinore and Frederikshavn. The sea fishing tours to other harbours are available only during summers. If you want to have just fishing fun then the put and take lakes are open for you all round the year.

Fishing Gears to carry

Fishing gears are the essential part of any fishing tour. The Denmark fishing holidays can be made very special with good quality fishing gears. The fishing equipments like fishing rod and fishing angle must be carried along for Denmark fishing holidays. The water resistant clothes are the must for fishing holidays Denmark. You can buy certain fishing equipments from the riverside shops. The fishing gears, clothes and shoes are also provided by many hotels in Denmark. The fishing holidays Denmark can be made memorable by use of modern equipments available with the tour organizer. The local guides will also help you rent out the best quality equipments.

Denmark Fishing HolidayReview

The Denmark fishing holidays are the ideal choice for any kind of fishing choices. It will provide you with all kind of fishing opportunities. The Denmark fishing holidays have sea fishing, fresh water fishing and offshore fishing available for the tourists. The fishing holidays Denmark is unique with its put and take lakes that provides fishing opportunity all round the year and also has facilities for relaxing and recreation for adults as well as children.